All children can be vulnerable sometimes, and as a parent/carer it is only natural to worry about their safety in the community. If you are worried, you can help to protect your young children and teens by sharing these tips with them.  

Ø   stay alert, and keep headphones/air pods players turned off or on low, so they can hear what's going on around them

Ø   stick to busy, well-lit roads, and avoid short cuts through alleyways

Ø   if they think someone is following them, they should cross the road or go to a place with lots of people around, like a bus stop or shop

Ø   when travelling by bus, try to use bus stops on busy roads

Ø   if someone tries to take something from your child, tell them never to fight

Ø   tell them to keep mobile phones and other valuables out of sight, and to turn off their mobile phone ringer to avoid attracting attention

Ø   use an app to track your child’s location

Ø   set strict rules and curfews for your child.

The NSPCC also provides additional information about children keeping safe in the community.

Keeping children safe

If you have concerned about YOU and/or a FRIEND or SOMEONE you know, this is a CONFIDENTIAL way to report it.

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